Welcome to the Product Manager

Welcome to the product manager. In case you’re wondering what you’re doing here, this is a blog series, 100 Product Management Tips, which will provide product management guidance for the wild west of product development.

What’s this product management guide about?

Fundamentally, it’s a guide for product managers on how to get sh*t done. How to manage the process of product development better, to do your job better, ship faster and iterate better. It covers the business, technology, user experience (UX), tools and team management required to deliver exceptional products.

 100 Product Management Tips

And that’s the point of this 100 Product Management Tips blog series; to provide specialist product management guidance that draws on existing frameworks but that’s engineered to work within the often Wild West of product development.

Rather than reading end-to-end, this specialist product management guidance series has been written with the intention of being something to dip in and out of, as you approach different phases of the product lifecycle, or the managing of a particular aspect of product development.

I hope you find this series an invaluable guide to becoming a product manager.