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Products, and the startups that build them are undoubtedly where the action is. And product management – a role which has elements of engineering, marketing, research and project management – is key to building great products.  Product management requires a relentless focus on cohesion; ensuring that the way a product is designed, engineered,named, branded, and marketed are all united under a single vision.

We product managers have a challenging role; it’s our job to clarify vision and then communicates that product vision, rooted in real insight, to the product development team. For that reason, as product managers, we’re often called the product “CEO.” Product management is a role that requires a broad skillset; project management, product owner, strategy, user experience (UX), product design, user interface (UI), marketing, software engineering, and development.

After more than five years of running a successful blog for digital project managers, thedigitalprojectmanager.com, as well as tracking the development of an online baby gift boutique on the ecommmanger.com, my career began to focus less on managing projects, and more on projects, and developing project teams. I created this site to provide support and community for fellow product managers.